Annual Award Winners

The 2011 Toast the Best Radiologists Celebration was held at the Crystal Room of the Palmer House Hilton on Saturday evening, November 26, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. Attendees toasted the accomplishments of 184 radiologists practicing in the United States who demonstrate excellence at leveraging the currencies of success into exceptional service for patients, their practice partners, their communities and the future of radiology. Radiologists are nominated by their peers for recognition and a committee of past winners determines award recipients. Five physicians received awards for exemplary professional activities in 2011.

  tallman James Tallman, M. D.
2011 The Best Radiologists Communications Award

After serving as a United States Navy Physician, Dr. Tallman trained in neuroradiology at Emory University. In 1979, he settled into practice at Quantum Radiology in Marietta, Georgia where he is a partner today. He is active in the education of radiology technologists. His practice, Quantum Radiology is a founding member of Strategic Radiology, a consortium of 15 private radiology practices for the purpose of formalized clinical and non-clinical collaboration. His career highlights the fact that he leverages communication to serve his patients, his practice team, his community and the field of radiology.

  tallman Sumit Seth, M. D.
2011 The Best Radiologists Education Award

Dr. Seth is a radiologist and partner in the Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates in Columbus, Ohio. He specializes in body imaging, with a special interest in cardiac and thoracic work. His efforts to educate health care professionals in training has been recognized through his publications. His practice plays a strategic role in a complex metropolitan medical community and his influence and efforts to educate others contribute to their success. His career highlights that he leverages education to serve patients, his practice team, his community and the field of diagnostic imaging.

  tallman Thomas A. Applewhite, M. D.
2011 The Best Radiologists Influence Award

Dr. Applewhite is a physician first and a radiologist second. He specializes in pediatric radiology as a partner of the West County Medical Group in St. Louis, Missouri. He learned early in his medical training about the value of influence through relationship-building. He has continually leveraged that skill throughout his career to encourage younger physicians, attract practice partners, improve hospital relations and patient care and to serve medical and radiological organizations as an officer. His service record is a testimonial to his influence to serve his patients, his practice team, his community and radiologists everywhere.

  tallman Jeffery Thomasson, M. D.
2011 The Best Radiologists Leadership Award

Dr. Thomasson is the president of the West County Radiological Group of St. Louis, Missouri, the premier hospital-based diagnostic imaging group in the metropolitan area. No matter what group Dr. Thomasson joins, he rises to a leadership role, either as president or chairman of the board. His leadership strengthens medical education, community medicine, and the field of radiology while he delivers exquisite patient care in the subspecialty of neuroradiology.

  tallman Michael J. Peters, M. D.
2011 The Best Radiologists Outreach Award

Dr. Peters is the president and partner of Seattle Radiologists. He joined this group after subspecialty training as an oncological radiologist in 1989. Since then, his focus on outreach to spread excellence by example in patient care, teaching and communication. His efforts reward his patients, his practice team and the field of radiology.

The celebration is the brainchild of Dr. Lori Barr, a pediatric radiologist from Austin, Texas. Barr says, "Radiologists recognize subtle injury and illness manifestations in patients and stay busy serving the medical community. They rarely get together just to celebrate the ways their actions positively influence the health care arena and the future of radiology." Barr started the program to fill this gap and to encourage the next generation of radiologists.

The annual celebration precedes the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, also held in Chicago. The 2012 Toast the Best Radiologists Celebration will be held Saturday, November 24, 2012 in Chicago. Individuals may nominate radiologists for recognition at



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